Concurrent massive haemoptysis and acute pulmonary embolism: A therapeutic dilemma Respiratory Medicine Case Reports, Volume 32, 2021, 101337

Post Date: November 24, 2021

Pulmonary Embolism and Massive hemoptysis are two very potentially fatal emergencies in Respiratory medicine practice. These two conditions are kind of antagonizing conditions requiring completely different and pharmacologically opposite nature of treatment.

We hereby present the case of a 37-year old young male presented to our Hospital with massive hemoptysis, who on evaluation also had a concurrent large pulmonary embolism. The bleed was managed with bronchial artery embolization followed by anticoagulation therapy from a day later for embolism. This case report gives an insight on to how to manage a practical therapeutic challenge which is the concurrence of a massive hemoptysis and life threatening pulmonary embolism.