World Obesity Day 2022
“Everybody needs to Act”

Obesity is considered as variability in body structure or body weight among humans. Mostly linked to food and calorie intake. However now it’s time to understand that Obesity may be a disease. Being over weight is calculated as per body mass index a ratio calculated using height and weight for an individual. Ideal body mass index is 18.5 to 24.9. BMI of more than 25 is overweight, >30 is obesity and >35 is classified as Morbidly obese. Obesity can not be ignored and considered as single disease , rather it’s the harbinger of multiple ill health effects. Apart from being a target for body-shaming and social out cast there are organic disorders associated with obesity. To enumerate obesity is associated for the following disorders :-
Hypertension (high BP)
Coronary artery disease (heart diseases)
Dyslipidemia (lipid and cholesterol disorders)
Gallbladder stones and cholecystitis
Sleep Apnoea
Breathing disorders (Obesity Hypoventilation & Restrictive lung disorder)
Cancers like breast, gall bladder, uterus
Generalized hyper-inflammation (high CRP and leptins)
Secondary depression (due to social discard & physical inabilities)
Bone & Joint stress
The list is ever expanding as more and ore research is finding obesity as causative to many other health disorders.
To understand the causes of Obesity? We enlist the factors; Genetic or familial cause is non-modifiable risk factor. Eating habits, over-eating , junk food, is surely a contributing factor. Sedentary life style, lack of physical activity, exercise is another reason. Diabetes is one of the reasons for obesity as well effect of obesity. Thyroid disorders , hypothyroidism also causes obesity. fat metabolism abnormality too contributes to increased weight. Controlled calory intake Diet changes and regular exercise is the best defense against obesity.

“Everybody needs to act”
that’s the motivating theme by World obesity federation for the year 2022.
Obesity is not a single disease , it’s a syndrome , metabolic syndrome predisposing an individual to several complications. Therefore recognize and act. Act to modify life style and fight obesity.
Consult doctor if you are facing breathing issues with obesity you might be suffering sleep Apnoea or obesity hypoventilation. Dietary advise to exercise regimen, hormonal treatment to bariatric surgery various medical helps are available for your fight against Obesity. Need to Act.

Dr Sharad Joshi, MD
Associate Director Pulmonology
Max Superspeciality Hospital , Vaishali