Sleep is one of the most important physiological need. It’s the time of day when body recovers, cells and organ tissues repair the injury of day to day activity. Sleep might sound inactivity from voluntary work and task but physiologically its an active repair time.  Therefore sleep is as important as day life  for a normal healthy body and mind. Disturbances of sleep in long run can be dangerous and fatal. Abnormal sleep pattern or sleep disorders affect entire body.

Headache, chronic fatigue, poor memory, lack of concentration, day time lethargy/sleepiness, low appetite, obesity/ weight-gain, swelling, higher blood pressure, high blood sugars, heart diseases psychological disorders and even stroke are possible health effects of sleep disorders. Apart from medical issues it is a factor for road traffic accidents, social  discard, broken marriage / ground for divorce and worsened professional performance.

Fortunately ,there are tests and treatment available for this syndrome. Syndrome because it brings many diseases together. However, the first step is to acknowledge the problem. Unfortunately majority of public would take it as a social problem of snoring and not considering a disease worth consulting . Denial is the major problem and secondly  using CPAP machine as treatment is  not well accepted by patients. Although, despite of several researches and advancements CPAP remains the most efficient treatment option.

In few cases of maxillofacial deformities, surgical procedures or dentoaplatal  splints /adjuncts can be of help in other cases best management plan is positive pressure devices like CPAP.

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